In this episode, we check in with AcrisureRe's Cyber Practice Leader Tom Quy.Tom provides a thorough explanation of the current cyber insurance market...View Details

Host: Captain Thomas Brown CEO ShorelineGuest: Anthony Hess CEO Asceris Intel’s legendary co-founder and former CEO Andy Grove put it best when he sai...View Details

Shoreline’s Cyber consultant Nick Taylor we will be speaking to Julian Clark.  Julian is the Global Senior Partner at Ince and Co. and also heads up I...View Details

The shipping and commodities industries have found themselves at the forefront of sanctions developments in recent months.   As the United States cont...View Details

Facilitation payments have long been the scourge of the port visit for the deep-sea master. The outstretched hand, the muffled request; that sinking f...View Details

Just before midnight on October 3rd 2020, the ten year old, Maltese flagged, Greek owned, Aframax tanker - MV Syra suffered an explosion and damage to...View Details

According to the UN Refugee Agency, some 40,000 people have attempted to cross from North Africa to Europe in 2020 alone, the size of this humanitaria...View Details

The volume of data available in the world is growing exponentially; according to recent predictions by International Data Corporation, the amount of d...View Details

On the 4th of July, 2019, the Iranian tanker Grace One was detained by UK forces in Gibraltar on suspicion of EU sanction violations and on the 19th o...View Details

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